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After Sale Services

SariPuya company has provided a contract-based agreement for the comfort of their customers via which they can entrust the maintenance of all their chiller and engine room equipment to our company by signing a contract, and make use of our 24 hours benefits and services available to them based on the contract’s terms of services.


SariPuya company has provided a contract-based agreement for the comfort of their customers via whichthey can entrust the maintenance of all their chiller and engine room equipment to our company by signing a contract, and make use of our 24 hours benefits and services available to them based on the contract’s terms of services.


SariPuya factory with an area over 200 square metersand 7000 meters of shed and production workshops, in addition to this, this factory implements the latest devices and technologies in the world and 200 highly specialized and trained personnel. Therefore, it is considered the only factory that not only the quality control of the produced machines is supervised with the utmost care and precision, but also the quality of the manufactured productsis guaranteed.


SariPuya Company works with experts and educated people active in the corresponding areas of work. This group’s major line of work is to design machines, come up with new ideas based on the market’s needs or even each region’s demands. In addition to that,they work to minimize potential issues of these machines and also providecustomers with consulting sessions. In this regard, his company has succeeded to obtain the ISO9001:2008 certification for its products in design, production and after sale services from the DQS Company based in Germany by applying the most reliable standards in design, supply of raw materials, and control and guidance systems.

Saripuya Company

In 1989, it started its activity as a technical engineering and contracting company, and since the managers of this company have always been looking for innovation and new activities, based on their experience and knowledge in the field of facilities, production based on knowledge is their future plan. And in 1970 the first chiller in Iran was designed by this company and in 1372 the first product of this company was produced and marketed. At present, the company's products include a variety of absorption chillers, including single-stage, two-stage and direct flame, with a capacity of 30 to 1400 tons of refrigeration.
چیلر جذبی

Absorption Chiller

Absorption chillers are a kind of ordinary frigidity in the country, which can use fossil fuels specially gas for producing frigidity from thermal energy. Absorption chillers, in the aspects of solution and refrigerant, are divided into 3 types that the most ordinary type of it, is water and lithium bromide and another ordinary one is ammonia and water but the third one, which is water and solid silica gel or zeolite, because of the high costs is produced less than other types. Absorption chillers, water and lithium bromide, are divided into 3 categories: one-stage (hot water, warm water and steam), two-stage and direct flame. Among this classification, another type of direct flame absorption chillers is direct flash flame absorption chillers and this is the invention of Sari Pouya Company. In addition to the advantages of direct flame absorption chiller, it has more output and longevity.

چیلر تراکمی

Compression Chiller

Compression chillers are a kind of ordinary frigidity production system, which takes enough energy from electricity to produce. That electricity is to drive compression. Compression chillers are made of 4 main parts, including: compression, condenser, expansion valve (pressure reducer) and evaporator. The function of compression chillers is that at first frigidity gas flows in the circuit by compression and its pressure and temperature increase and because the pressure and the temperature of frigidity gas are high in condenser, it gives its heat to environment by heat exchangers and it becomes liquid, after passing through the expansion valve, which its function is to reduce pressure, frigidity turns to 2-phase mode and because the pressure has been reduced, it wants to evaporate which takes the heat of environment in two-phase refrigerant evaporator and it evaporates and then becomes gas that frigidity gas by suction compressor and again its pressure and temperature will be increased by suction and flows in circuit and the cycle repeats again.

داکت اسپلیت

Duct Split

Saripuya Company is proud that after 3 years brilliant activity in the field of producing different types of air conditioning equipment, according to requirement of venerable customers and by relying on the scientific and technical ability of its specialists and engineers, has succeed in designing and producing this product like the other products of Saripuya Company. We are trying using pieces, which have been produced in the country, as much as possible. Producing all the pieces except compressor electric motor and foreigner fan unit in the place of Saripuya Companies or ordered by Saripuya Company in internal trusty companies is a witness of this claim. Now the duct splits of Saripuya Company have been designed, produced and presented in several stages and they are providing services in many projects.

چیلر تراکمی

Air Handing Unit

Air handing unit (often abbreviated to AHU) is a device which is used to regulate and circulate air as part of heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. Air handing unit is one of the most important air conditioningdevices which consists chiller cold water and boiler hot water, liaised with air by coil and then it transfers through the channel to the predicted spaces. Air handing unit consists of return duct in the mode of fresh air and without returning air in the mode of full fresh air. Air handing units are used in different industries to produce required pleasant air with required degree and humidity. According to where they are used, clean rooms or ordinary rooms, are divided into 2 types: hygienic and non-hygienic…


Training Services

Saripuya Company has established a very equipped education department in order to improvement of product operation level.Saripuya Company guarantees to educate maintenance staff of  project for free.

Scope of this educational course for students is being able to maintain and troubleshoot product without any problem.

after the purchase process is complete, customer will introduce staff officially to Saripuya educational department. at  the specific time , course will be held in three days. number of project staff will be specified due to project bigness.
priority is with who enroll the course sooner.

if customers ask to hold course in its own location, they must send their request officially. Saripuya after negotiation will inform the customer  the result.


    یک قطعه عکس 4*3 پشت نویسی شده (نام پروژه یا شرکت طرف قرارداد،نام ونام خانوادگی،سال و محل تولد)
    کپی صفحه اول شناسنامه
    کپی صفحه از کارت ملی

آدرس دقیق و خوانای پستی و تلفن همراه بمنظور ارسال مدرک

Support Unit

Believing in this important will require everyone from friends, colleagues, domestic and global competitors to all political and economic officials of developed and developing countries and all people of the world to support the efforts of companies and scientific-industrial units that rely on their capabilities. Provide and provide support to those around them that create employment and domestic economic growth.
But for us (Sari Pouya Company), this expectation is naturally higher from respected Iranian engineers and officials, whether in the private or public sector, and we appreciate and appreciate their full support and also recognize the importance of this support in maintaining and The growth and prosperity of Sari Pouya collection from all managers and staff of the company try to provide satisfaction for these loved ones, the history of more than two decades of this company represents and will represent this policy.

Chiller sales unit

Duct Split Unit

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